Hello and welcome to the new Compiled Creations website. This site has been in limbo since I originally registered the domain, so this overhaul is long overdue. It's very light on content at the moment but that's something I hope to rectify over the coming months.

So what's the plan going forward?

For starters I'll certainly be improving the branding and making tweaks to the site functionality. I've built everything from scratch using Jekyll and Bootstrap, which has been a fun experience but means that there's a few features that aren't in or need some more work.

I'm a contractor but I also provide other services as a freelancer so I'll be including more information on that soon. I'm also busy developing my own apps so I'll be adding some product pages for those.

Then there's this blog, where I'll be posting about some of the projects that I'm working on, as well as development tips and other industry focused information that might be of interest. I'm hoping to keep to a fairly regular posting schedule and so plan to post an article at least every Wednesday. If you can't wait that long you can follow my personal Twitter feed.

That's it for now, I hope you'll come back soon to see what's changed.


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